Ordinations to the Priesthood

SALINAS – On Friday, 3 June 2022, the Most Rev. Daniel E. Garcia, 5th Bishop of Monterey in California, will be the principal celebrant at a Mass of Ordination at the parish of Madonna del Sasso, 320 E. Laurel Drive, at 6pm.

Rev. Mr. Gerardo Barajas Valencia and Fiacre Nduwayo Fahey will receive the second degree of the Sacrament of Holy Orders.

“The anointing of the Spirit seals the priest with an indelible, spiritual character that configures him to Christ the priest and enables him to act in the name of Christ the Head. As a co-worker of the order of bishops he is consecrated to preach the Gospel, to celebrate divine worship, especially the Eucharist from which his ministry draws its strength, and to be a shepherd of the faithful.

“The sacrament of Holy Orders is conferred, in each of its three degrees, by means of the imposition of hands on the head of the ordinand by the Bishop who pronounces the solemn prayer of consecration. With this prayer he asks God on behalf of the ordinand for the special outpouring of the Holy Spirit and for the gifts of the Spirit proper to the ministry to which he is being ordained.

~ Compendium of the Catechism of the Catholic Church, nn. 328 & 331

All are welcome.