Feast of San Lorenzo Ruiz

I am a Christian, and this I profess until the honor of my death and for God I shall give my life. Although I did not come to Japan to be a martyr, nevertheless, as a Christian and for God I shall give my life” (St Lorenzo Ruiz of Manila).

SALINAS – The Filipino Ministry of the parish of Madonna del Sasso, 320 E. Laurel Drive, will be celebrating the feast of Saint Lorenzo Ruiz of Manila with a Triduum Novena, culminating in the celebration of Mass.

The Triduum Novena, or three nights of prayer, will be held in the parish’s Cross Hall at 6pm on Wednesday, 28 September, Thursday, 29 September, and Friday, 30 September 2022.

Mass will be celebrated in the parish church on Saturday, 1 October 2022 at 1pm. A fiesta reception will follow in Cross Hall.


Life without faith would have been without value… San Lorenzo Ruiz proved that sanctity and heroism are there for anybody and the final victory is made to size for each one of us” (Pope St John Paul II).